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istanbul must see

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what to see in Istanbul 

istanbul must see


There are hundreds of places to visit in Istanbul. A day in Istanbul is very little time to visit Istanbul. But we still have to think that one is better than zero, and let's see the side of the glass that is full of water.

what to see in Istanbul in one day 


The Hippodrome, which was built by the Roman emperor Septemus Severus in the second century AD, was used in the organizations of Horse Carriage Races, which became a tradition instead of gladiator wars.Today, not much remains of the hippodrome's rows of seats.Today, not much remains of the hippodrome's rows of seats. According to estimates, it had a seating capacity of 30,000 people.In the middle of the hippodrome, there was a line formed with important structures called Spina. Only the Egyptian Obelisk, the Serpent Column and the Constantine Column can be seen today. We recommend you to visit the free exhibition in the Nakkas Cistern for a better visualization of the hippodrome.You can also see the Public Fountain, which was gifted by the German King Wikhelm II, at the Hippodrome today.

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Hippodrome of Constantinople

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Hagia Sophia 

The most important building to be seen in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia, which is about 1500 years old, was used as a church for about 900 years, a mosque for about 500 years, and a museum for 85 years. and it is the oldest building in Istanbul. The gigantic dome of Hagia Sophia really fascinates those who see it. In addition, mosaics from the Byzantine period are wonderful. You can read the answer to your other questions about visiting Hagia Sophia in our

Hagia Sophia Article.

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Blue Mosque 

The Blue Mosque, located right across Hagia Sophia, should be the second important building you will visit in Istanbul. Normally, this mosque, whose real name is Sultan Ahmet Mosque, has been named as the Blue Mosque all over the world, thanks to thousands of Iznik tiles. It is also a mosque with six minarets built in Istanbul. for more details you can read our

Blue Mosque Articles


Istanbul City Tour 

Topkapı palace 

Topkapi Palace is the most visited museum in Turkiye. Around 3 million local and foreign tourists visit Topkapi Palace annually.Topkapi Palace is a palace with four courtyards. The first courtyard is open to everyone free of charge.You must purchase a Museum ticket to visit other courtyards and the Harem Section.You will need at least two hours to visit Topkapi Palace, which is spread over an area of ​​700,000 square meters.

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Topkapı palace 


Topkapı palace Harem 

Harem in Topkapi Palace is a place visited with an extra ticket. But what you will see inside is worth the extra cost. For example, you could not enter these rooms even if you gave millions of dollars during the Ottoman period.Harem in Topkapi Palace is a place visited with an extra ticket. But what you will see inside is worth the extra cost. For example, you could not enter these rooms even if you gave millions of dollars during the Ottoman period. Because the harem was a forbidden zone. Except for the Ottoman dynasty, no one could enter.There were some limits on where the workers in the harem could enter.Harem in Topkapi Palace is a place visited with an extra ticket. But what you will see inside is worth the extra cost. For example, you could not enter these rooms even if you gave millions of dollars during the Ottoman period. Because the harem was a forbidden zone. Except for the Ottoman dynasty, no one could enter. There were some limits on where the workers in the harem could enter. In the Harem, you will be able to see the Concubines' Wards, the Security Guards' Wards, the Black Eunuch Wards , the Queen Mother rooms, and the Sultan's Private Room.

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Topkapı Palace 



There are many artifacts underground as well as above Istanbul. There is a cistern in every corner of Istanbul. During your visit to Istanbul, you should definitely visit one of these cisterns. These 1500-year-old buildings were built as a solution to the water problem that has plagued Istanbul throughout history.

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Basical Cistern 


Shopping in Bazaar 

The historical bazaars in Istanbul were built to help with the expenses of a mosque. The very famous bazaars in Istanbul are the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to visit two bazaars. But even if you can't do that, you should visit at least one.

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Spice Bazaar

Grand Bazaar 

What is must-see in Istanbul in Second day

Bosphorus Boat Ride 

Being between two continents must sound good. Another important activity to do while in Istanbul is the Bosphorus boat ride. Especially if you take the Bosphorus boat ride at sunset, you will see a completely different beauty of Istanbul. During the Bosphorus boat ride, you can see two bridges between two continents. You can see the most beautiful mansions in Turkey, each of which is sold for millions of dollars. You can also see the palaces where the Ottoman Sultans lived from the Bosphorus.There are many options for Bosphorus boat tours. You can either join the Group Bosphorus boat tours or you can take your Bosphorus boat tour with luxury yachts.

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Bosphorus Boat Ride 

Bosphorus Yacht Tour

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise 



Dolmabahce Palace 

You can see the western life of the Ottomans in the Dolmabahçe Palace, which was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecit after 400 years of living in the Eastern style in the Topkapı Palace. It is a place where the east and west of Istanbul meet. To see only a part of Istanbul by visiting the Topkapi palace, which is only in Eastern style, would be like a family with two children loving only one child and not the other. Also, the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, lived in the Dolmabahce Palace and passed away here.That's why you should definitely visit the Dolmabahçe Palace while in Istanbul.Museum pass is not valid in Dolmabahce Palace. You must buy a different ticket at the museum box office.With the decision taken in 2022, the ticket of the Dolmabahce Palace was increased. In return for this time, you will now be able to visit the Art Museum and the Dolmabahce Harem section with the ticket of the Dolmabahce Palace.

Taksim  and İstiklal Street 

Istanbul is undoubtedly the most famous Taksim Square.This place, which seems like a dead place very early in the morning, becomes a place where young people flock in the afternoon. At night, it turns into a bright place. Most people who come to Taksim square first take a souvenir photo with the Republic Monument. Afterwards, they head towards Istiklal Street, which is the most crowded street of Istanbul. There are many buildings built in the 19th century on Istiklal Street, on the right and on the left, through which the nostalgic tram passes.In the buildings on the right and left, you can see restaurants where you can find all kinds of Turkish food, cafes, movie theaters, shopping stores and consulate buildings of some countries. You can explore Istiklal Street without getting lost by following the Nostalgic Tram. The end of the road will bring you to the world's second oldest tunnel.

Galata Tower

If you ask us a question, "Tell me a place so I can see all of Istanbul from there". The answer to this question will definitely be Galata Tower. It is possible to see every corner of Istanbul from this tower, which is approximately 65 meters high. But if you are afraid of heights this is not the place for you.Climbing the Galata Tower is chargeable. If you have a Museum pass, you can use it at the entrance of Galata Tower. You can read the details about the museum pass in our Frequently Asked Questions article.

Galata Tower Ticket fee (2023) 350 Turkish Lİras 


What is must-see in Istanbul in More days 


Istanbul Archeology Museum

In the Istanbul Archeology Museum, you can see not only Istanbul archeology, but also important pieces found in all archaeological ancient cities in Turkey, such as Troy Ephesus. You should see the Alexander the Great sarcophagus, the world's first peace treaty and the world's first love poem.In addition, ceramics and tiles made in different cities of Turkey are exhibited in the oldest building of the Archeology Museum.You can visit Istanbul Archeology Museum with your museum pass.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

Another important museum in the historical peninsula in Istanbul is the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum located right next to the Hippodrome.This building, which was the palace where the grand viziers lived in the Ottoman period, is used as a museum of Turkish and Islamic works today. In this museum, you can see artifacts from the states where Islam was widespread. You can also see the Sacred Relics in this museum, as in the Topkapi Palace. You can also see the best examples of Turkish carpets in the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. On the lowest floor of the museum, there is also a section where you can see the spectator rows of the Hippodrome. We recommend you to taste Turkish coffee in the cafeteria in the courtyard of the museum.You can visit Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum with your museum pass

Great Palace Mosaic Museum 

Unfortunately, there are not many ruins left from the great palaces where Byzantine emperors lived for hundreds of years in Istanbul. An Ruin is either under a modern-day hotel or under a Touristic shop. The ruins found here do not have a huge feature. When you see it, there is only one place in our opinion that you will say, yes, it must be the Great Palace. It is also the Mosaic Museum. The Great Palace Mosaic Museum is in the arasta next to the Blue Mosque. Sometimes tourists have some difficulty, even though this place is very easy to find. When you enter the Great Palace mosaic museum, you can see the clothes of people who lived in the Byzantine period, images from daily life, and some mythological animals. According to the information we have just learned, these mosaics, the mosaics here, do not show the life of Istanbul. It shows the Indian lifestyle.You can visit IGreat Palace Mosaic Museum with your museum pass

Suleymaniye Mosque 

While the Süleymaniye Mosque was already a famous building, it has recently become even more popular with the magnificent century TV series. This mosque, which was built by the most famous architect of the period, Mimar Sinan, by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent, is truly magnificent. Instead of beautifying it easily with tiles and ceramics like the Blue Mosque, a simpler decoration was made..Thanks to the location of the Suleymaniye Mosque, you can see the most beautiful view of Istanbul.In addition, the bath next to the Suleymaniye Mosque is the only Turkish bath that serves couples. In other historical baths, it is divided into women's section and men's section.

what to see in Beyazıt 

Beyazit is the most populated place of the historical peninsula. Thousands of people go from one place to another for a purpose. If you have come to Istanbul with the aim of discovering Beyazıt, my article in which I shared my information about Beyazıt with the link below will be able to guide you.

where to see in Beyazıt 

what to see in Laleli and Aksaray 

Although Laleli and Aksaray seem to be a place where mostly hotels and wholesale textile companies are located, they contain some important details that are overlooked. You can read our article about them at the link below.

what to see in lale and Aksaray 


What to see around Golden Horn 

The important feature that enriches Istanbul throughout history is undoubtedly that it has a natural harbor like the Golden Horn. For this reason, people have lived in many districts around the Golden Horn throughout history. These are the most famous districts, the Fener Balat Ayvansaray, which has become famous in the media and TV shows with its colorful houses in recent years. In our articles below, we tried to talk about the important things you can see in Fener, Balat, please read it.

what to see in Fener

What to see in Balat 

Eyup El Ensari mosque 

Eyup al-Ansari, one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, came to Istanbul to realize the Conquest of Istanbul, which was mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, and was martyred in Istanbul. During the conquest of Istanbul in the 15th century, the tomb of Eyüp el Ansar was found by Akşemsettin, Fatih's teacher. Akşemsettin encouraged Fatih Sultan Mehmet after saying "Eyup el Ensari did not think of returning in his old state and he was martyred here. You should be a martyr here like him". No matter what it cost, he did not stop conquering Istanbul. And he conquered Istanbul. Thereupon, Fatih Sultan Mehmet had a tomb and mosque built in the name of Eyüp el Ensari.In addition, the area around this mosque was considered a holy place. Throughout Ottoman history, the sword-wielding ceremonies of Ottoman sultans were held in Eyup Sultan Mosque.In addition, Muslims who wanted to be buried in this holy place were used as a cemetery around the mosque throughout the Ottoman history.

Pier Lotti Hill and Golden Horn Panaroma 

The place where you can see the most beautiful view of the Golden Horn is undoubtedly Pier Lotti Hill.The place where you can see the most beautiful view of the Golden Horn is undoubtedly Pier Lotti Hill. There are three options for going to the pier lotti cafeteria. First of all, you can go with your private car. Secondly, you can reach the hill by the ramp from the cemetery next to the Eyup Sultan Mosque. Thirdly, you can reach Pier Lotti cafe above these tombs with the cable car operated by Istanbul Municipality.If you arrive at the pier lotti hill in the same way, you will say "it was worth it" after the view you will see for the expense or energy you will make.According to the story, Pier Lotti, a French naval officer, used to meet his lover Aziyade on this hill and drink Turkish coffee. Like these lovers, you can drink your Turkish coffee at the pier lotti cafe with the view of the Golden Horn.

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