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Hagia Sophia

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Hagia Sophia

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Hagia Sophia  is most visited place in Istanbul. More or less three millions tourist  visit this place every year.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia  is most visited place in Istanbul. More or less three millions tourist  visit this place every year.

Hagıa sophıa ın Istanbul

There are two hagia sophia building in Istanbul .That’s why  we locals called Small and Big  Hagia sophia for these two building . This Article we want to share infomation about big one.


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Hagıa Sophıa  history

There were two former church in Same place before this Building. First Church was constructed by Constantine the great in the Fourth century. First church was destroyed by rebellion. And Then Second Church was constructed by order of Roman Emperor Theodosius. Second Church was destroyed by Nika Revolt. Today Hagia sophia was constructed by Justinian the great . It was church for 9 hundreds years. After Ottoman conquered Constinople. Hagia Sophia was converted into mosque. In 1934 , it was converted into Museum.

Hagıa Sophıa  archıtecture

Hagia sophia  was constructed in only 5  years by order of Justinian the great in 6th century. According books, ten thousand construction workers and one hundreds Masters were used for its construction. Archictures  of Hagia Sophia were Anthemius (Mathematician)and Isodorus (physicist). Hagia Sophia was first building which dome and rectangular planed were  used together in one building. For construction of Hagia sophia, Lightest sands from Rodos Island  and Columns of Former Paganism Temples were used as a recycle objects.

What to see ın Hagıa Sophıa 

  • Ruins of Second Hagia sophia Church
  • Tomb of Roman Empress
  • Beautifull gate of Hagia Sophia
  • Presentation Mosaic
  • Emperor Gate
  • Emperor Leon 6th Mosaic
  • Place of Security Guardians
  • Coronation Spot
  • Minber, Mihrap and Muezzin Lodge
  • Huge Dome
  • Theotokos Mosaic
  • 8 Caligraphic  Circle Board in name of the God , Prophet Muhammed , 4 caliphs and two Grandsons of Prohpet Muhammed
  • Sultan Lodge
  • Sultan Mahmut Library
  • Two Pergamon Urns
  • 106 Beautifull and Different Colours Columns with nice Flower craving at their top
  • Ramps to ging up Upper Gallery
  • Spot of Empress
  • Hell and Heaven Door
  • Deisis Mosaic
  • Henrico Dandolo Tombs
  • Wiking scripts
  • Royal Family Donation mosaic

Hagıa Sophıa tıckets

Hagia Sophia  entrance fee is free of charge 


Hagıa Sophıa opening hours

Hagia Sophia is open every day 

Off Season ( from November to April ) 9 am to 5 pm . entrance closed one hours before closing time .

High Season (from April to November) 9 am to 7 pm , entrance closed one hours before closing time




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