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what to drink in Turkey

tags: what to drink in Turkey

what to drink in Turkey

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what to drink in Turkey


First of all, we would like to tell you about water, which is necessary for the continuation of people's lives. The waters flowing from the fountains in Turkey do not have the properties to drink. You may get sick because of the water you drink from the fountain and spend your holiday in a hospital. For this reason, we recommend that you drink the water sold in closed bottles while in Turkey. In restaurants, water is not included in meals. You have to buy it as an extra.

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Hot drinks


Black tea comes to mind when tea is heard in Turkey. Jasmin tea, chamomile tea and green teas come to the minds of Turks only when they are sick or when they start to think about losing weight. The most important agricultural production in the North East of Turkey is tea. When you go to a place in Turkey as a guest, they immediately ask you "do you drink tea". Turks generally accept this invitation. Also, when Turks go to picnic and barbecue on a weekend, Turks take their Teapot, called Samaver, with them. After the meals are eaten, tea is enjoyed in the Samovar. But in touristic places, tourists offer apple tea to them because they find Turkish tea too bitter. Turks use body language to ask the waiter for 2 teas. After showing the number 2 with his hand, he makes his hand as if mixing a glass with a spoon. Turks do not drink tea with a coffee cup. They drink their moonshine from small tulip-shaped glass cups. In the east and southeast of Turkey, tea is drunk after taking a small piece of sugar into the mouth without adding sugar to the tea. Turks do not have a tradition of adding milk to tea.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a strong coffee like espresso. It is served in a small cup with its grounds. It is customary to serve Turkish coffee with a glass of water right next to it. If the guest drinks water first, he politely shows that he is hungry. and he is invited to dinner. It is made with 4 different sugars of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is made in plain, low sugar, medium sugar and sugar forms. Turkish Coffee is served in a foamy cup. If there is a large foam on the coffee, it indicates that the drinker has a lot of evil eyes. Turkish girls put salt in Turkish coffee and test the men they will marry. The man to be married must finish the Salted Coffee in one gulp. This means that even if it were poisoned by your hand, I would drink it.


It is a beverage made by fermenting corn. It is drunk by adding cinnamon and roasted chickpeas to the boza. You can find the historical boza maker in Vefa, the historical district of Istanbul. Boza is a sweet beverage that starts to turn sour as it waits. Therefore, it should be consumed immediately. There is a belief that it increases sexual power.


Salep is one of the drinks most preferred by Turks to warm the body during the winter months. For this reason, some cafes do not have Summer on their menu. It is a drink made from a species of orchid flower. It is usually drunk with cinnamon on top.

Cold Drinks



Sherbet, a name derived from the Arabic verb to drink, is a beverage that was passed to the Ottomans from the Persians. Sherbet, which has many varieties, is used as a refreshing drink in the summer months. In addition, in the field of medicine, there are varieties of sherbet that are good for many diseases. For this reason, there is a Turkish proverb "to give sherbet according to our honor". In addition, sherbets are offered to guests on special occasions such as weddings, circumcision and religious holidays. In the Ottoman period, executioners offered cranberry syrup to the prisoner they were going to kill.

Ayran Buttermilk

Yogurt is a very healthy beverage made by mixing water and salt. It is a preferred beverage especially with kebabs. Those who travel to Turkey should return without tasting ayran. We are sure you will like it. You can find ayran in restaurants both open and closed. There is foam on the buttermilk you will buy open. Closed ones do not have this feature. After drinking ayran, sleep may be suppressed, especially in summer. For this reason, it is not recommended for those who drive.


It is a drink made from turnip, red carrot and beetroot. Since it is a bitter drink, it is preferred with red meat kebabs.

Alcoholic beverages

Despite being in a predominantly Muslim country in Turkey, drinking alcoholic beverages is tolerated. But there are still some traditional rules about alcohol. For example, alcohol is generally not consumed on holy days and on Thursday nights. And it is not tolerated to have alcohol sales or alcoholic restaurants around mosques. According to the laws of the Turkish Republic, the sale of alcohol after 10 pm is prohibited and there are serious fines. For this reason, most markets and shopping centers close at ten o'clock.


Raki is the most famous alcoholic beverage in Turkey. Raki is made from anise. It is a strong alcoholic beverage with 40-45% alcohol. In general, fish dishes, kebabs and appetizers are served with raki. Or the most ideal things to eat with raki are melon and white cheese. The raki glass is thin and long. Raki is added to the bottom of the glass upon request. For someone who drinks raki for the first time, raki is not too much. Then, cold water and ice are added to the raki. Raki turns white with the addition of cold water. For this reason, the Turks call this drink lion's milk. It is similar to ouzo in Greece.


The name of the most famous beer company in Turkey is Efes Pilsen. In addition, this name is the name of Turkey's most famous ancient city. But you can find other famous beer brands such as Carlsberg in restaurants and markets in Turkey. Fish dishes, salted peanuts and french fries are mostly preferred with beer.

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