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What to eat in Turkey

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What to eat in Turkey

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Thu, Apr 21, 2022 6:13 PM)

are you ready to be fat ?

What to eat in Turkey

We Turks exaggerate the food, just as we exaggerate everything. Our food tradition lasts for hours. The fast food culture is a way of eating that Turks have never adopted. Turks eat food in groups. The table is set once. Everyone in the family eats at that moment. In the Turkish family tradition, the table is not set before the father comes home from work. And keeping the Father waiting at the table is an unacceptable behavior. Table and chair history in Turkish cuisine is only 200 years old. Before that, there was the tradition of the floor table. The tradition of the floor table still continues in some regions of Turkey today. For a tourist, the floor table can be very uncomfortable, but in fact, the floor table is important for the movement of our body. In short, eating is not a very ordinary activity. It is a Turkish culture with some traditions.


They say it's important to start your day with a good breakfast. But actually it wasn't. Breakfast was invented later and added to Turkish culture. In the beginning, breakfast meal was not in the Turkish food diet. With the invention of coffee, Turks invented something to eat before drinking coffee in the morning. With this invention, breakfast culture entered into Turkish culture. That's why, etymologically, Turks called breakfast the meal eaten before coffee.


Breakfast with Tea, Feta Cheese Bagel and Sprinkle

If there is nothing for breakfast, the indispensable trio is Tea, Feta Cheese and Simit. Other products were added later. These additions differ according to the region. Because there are 7 different geographies and 7 different climates in Turkey. Turks usually start by eating salty products for breakfast and finish with sweets such as honey, jams, peanut butter and chokrem. The Turks name the breakfast made with 20 or 30 different products. It is important to saturate the eyes before the stomach. For this reason, the variety in the mixed breakfast is quite abundant.


As we mentioned above for breakfast, the place has a unique soup of the region. But when you go to a restaurant in Turkey, the soup you can find is lentil soup. Soup is usually eaten as a starter. But soups such as tripe and foot trotter are famous to be drunk after drinking.


In the southeast and east of Turkey, animal husbandry is the first source of income in agriculture. That's why every city in the southeast and east of Turkey has its own unique type of kebab. But Turkey is the most famous Adana and Şanlıurfa kebab. You will understand the difference between these two kebabs, which are very similar to one another, when you eat them. Adana kebab is more spicy. There are also kebabs made by passing bottles in Turkey. Chicken and meat are put to work. The vegetable passed with the bottle of meat formed the name of the Kebab. If eggplant is used with meat, it is called eggplant kebab, and if tomato is used, it is called tomato kebab.


Veal, lamb or chicken meat that is marinated with spices is cut into slices. Sliced ​​meats are placed on vertical skewers. Meats are cooked by turning on a vertical fire. Because of this rotation, Turks call this dish "doner". Doner kebab, which is cooked horizontally instead of the vertical cooking technique, is called turks, Çağ kebab or terrorist kebab. Cağ kebab is the famous dish of Erzurum province.


Like the Kebab we mentioned above, meatballs in Turkey are very diverse. The ingredients in the meatballs vary according to the geography in Turkey. As well as dried meatballs, there are also juicy meatballs made with tomato peel. The food that goes best with Turkish meatballs is the bean salad, which the Turks call piyas. There are also those who eat pickled peppers with meatballs. The most famous dessert next to meatballs is halva, which is made from semolina and pine nuts. Turkey's most famous meatballs is the Istanbul sultanahmet meatball, which has been going on for 4 generations (100 years). We recommend you to taste the Sultanahmet meatballs while in Istanbul.

Fish Dishes

They say that although there are 4 seas around Turkey, it is not as good as a Greek in fishing. It is true. Because in Turkey, fish is eaten as it comes out of the sea. Additions such as extra sauces are not made. The most to add is to dip the small fish in cornmeal. Also, Turks do not eat seafood that is not good for the eyes, such as crustaceans, even if we say we will eat it if my father comes out of the sea. Fish dishes in Turkey are diverse. Different fish are more delicious in each different geography. For example, the fish in the cold waters of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus are more oily and delicious than the fish in the warm seas such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Turks do not eat fish where there is no sea. Because normally fish should be cleaned with sea water. The salt it will get from the sea water is enough for the fish. No extra salt is added. Since this cannot be done in terrestrial regions, Turks do not eat fish in places where there is no sea. In Turkey, fish is generally the food of alcoholic environments. Therefore, eating fish is not cheap. When you eat a fish in the Bosphorus in Istanbul, you may be surprised when the bill comes. But as street food, Fish Sandwiches are very famous in Istanbul Eminönü. Kalkan is the most expensive fish in Turkey. Because Kalkan is a fish that lives only in the Black Sea.


We Turks are a nation that can't get enough without eating bread. A Turk is not satisfied if there is no bread on the table. It differs as a type of bread in Turkey. In big cities, breads are generally made of wheat and square or rectangular, while in villages, lavash bread is made. On the Black Sea coast of Turkey, bread is made from corn.


Rice in Turkey is not an indispensable food like Asian people. But some foods should be eaten with rice. For example, dried beans are always eaten with rice. According to Turkish customs, it is believed that women cannot get married if they cannot make good rice. It is made with rice, butter and sherry in Turkey. Rice is not made into porridge like in Asian countries. It should be grainy. Although rice pilaf is more famous in general, you can find bulgur pilaf in restaurants.



In Turkey, the best mantı is made in Kayseri. But you can find ravioli in every city. Minced meat is put into as small pieces of dough as possible. After these doughs are boiled, they are served with garlic yogurt and tomato sauce. It is truly a hearty meal.


Pide is made in different ways in Turkey, just like the pizzas in Italy. As there are pita varieties made from minced meat and small pieces of meat, spinach and cheese are also used as a filling in pita. After the pita filled with these ingredients are cooked in the wood oven, eggs and cheese can be added to it according to demand. The shape of the pitas varies according to the regions. While it is made in a long and thin way in Konya, it is made in a round shape in some provinces of the Black Sea region. To allow some ingredients to cook better, the pitas are cooked covered.


When it comes to börek in Turkey, Sarıyer, the district of Istanbul, comes to mind. The original Sarıyer pastry is made with minced meat, plenty of onions and currants. But for those who do not eat meat, there are Sarıyer pastries with potatoes, spinach and cheese. Sarıyer Boreks are eaten every hour of the day. But generally, Turks eat it with black tea for breakfast. In addition, pastries are served as a hot starter in restaurants. The most famous type of pastry used in the hot starter is Cigarette Borek and Paçanga Pastry. This name was given because the shape of the Cigar Pie resembles a cigarette. It contains parsley cheese. Paçanga Pastry is rectangular in shape. It contains bacon and cheese.

Olive Oils

Olive oil is very famous on the Aegean coast of Turkey. In addition, hundreds of green vegetables grow wild on the Aegean coast of Turkey. These vegetables are cooked with olive oil to make great meals. These olive oil dishes can be eaten both hot and cold.


As we mentioned above, there are seven different climates and seven different geographies in Turkey. Each region has a different food culture. That's why every geography has its own dessert. But the most well-known dessert in Turkey is Baklava. It is a dessert made by adding pistachios or walnuts between forty layers of thinly rolled dough. Features Gaziantep city is the most famous city for baklava.

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