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Private Galipoli Tour

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Private Galipoli Tour

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Sun, Jun 5, 2022 1:19 PM)

Memories of World First War


Private Galipoli Tour

Galipoly Tour 

Anzac Soldiers, goddamn Gallipoli. This is the place where we all say it will be the end of Gallipoli. Mustafa Kemal, to the mothers of the Anzac soldiers, wipe the tears from your eyes. After your children were martyred here, they also became our children. where he said. Even if it is the biggest war in the world, Gallipoli is a place where you will witness the friendship of two enemy soldiers in this war.Gallipoli is where it is very close to one of the two enemy trenches.Gallipoli is where it is very close to one of the two enemy trenches. Gallipoli is the place where two bullets hit each other.

We are visiting the Gallipoli peninsula, which contains many heroic stories, with a professional tourist guide who is an expert in Gallipoli. We start the Gallipoli Tour by being picked up from your hotel early in the morning. We arrive at Gallipoli after a 6-hour journey with a half-hour breakfast break.The day before, you can ask your hotel's reception to prepare a breakfast package. You can have breakfast by purchasing hot drinks at the place where we will take a break. We start by seeing the Anzac cove that the Aznac troops landed in Gallipoli and the rock that Anzac soldiers likened to the sphinx of Egypt. In the Beach cemetery close to Anzac cove, you will be able to see the Simpson tombstone, which is famous for the Anzacs.After the tour of these two places, we take a lunch break.After the tour of these two places, we take a lunch break. After lunch, we only visit the Lone pine cemetery and the 57 Regiment Turks Martyrdom.Afterwards, we visit Conk Bayırı, which is the top of the hill and is militarily dominated by the surrounding area, and see the statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.Then we return to Istanbul with a six-hour journey.The Cost of the Gallipoli Tour is not fixed due to the number of people and seasonal price differences. Please contact us about the tour price.

Tour İtinerary 

Brighton Beach , Beeach Cemetery Simsphone Grave  Stone 

Anzac Cove 

Arıburnu Cemetery 

Anzac Commemoration Site 

Lone Pine Kanlı Sırtı Australian Memorial 

Johnston's Jolly  Turkish and Anzac Trenches 

57th Regiment Turkish Memorial 

The Nek 

Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial 

Mecidiye Tabya Cannon Corporal Seyit Statue who carried Cannon bullet without any helps 


Sun, Jun 5, 2022 1:19 PM

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