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The Gift of Purple Wool to the Virgin Mary in Chora 

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The Gift of Purple Wool to the Virgin Mary in Chora 

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Wed, Jul 3, 2024 2:16 PM)

The mozaic of the Purple Wool to the Virgin Mary in Chora 

The Gift of Purple Wool to the Virgin Mary in Chora 


In an intriguing and significant event, High Priest Zechariah presented the Virgin Mary, a descendant of David, with purple wool for renewing the temple veil. While other virgins received white wool, the choice of purple wool for Mary stands out. 

**Symbolism and Historical Context of Purple:**

- **Rarity of Purple**: No country in the world has purple in its flag. The discovery of purple is credited to the Phoenicians around 1500 BCE. According to legend, they found a dog with a purple-stained mouth, which had chewed on a sea mollusk known as murex, leading to the discovery of the purple dye. Because this dye could only be obtained from the murex mollusk and could not be chemically synthesized, it was incredibly rare and expensive. This scarcity is why purple does not appear in national flags and why it was historically a symbol of wealth and royalty.

- **Use in Roman Times**: Purple was also rare in marble, making it highly prized. Consequently, Roman emperors often used purple in their clothing and buildings, emphasizing its association with power and prestige.

**Significance for Mary:**

High Priest Zechariah’s choice to give Mary purple wool underscores her extraordinary importance. The purple wool, given its rarity and value, signifies her unique and revered status. This act by Zechariah is a powerful testament to Mary's exceptional role and honor within her religious and cultural context.

Wed, Jul 3, 2024 2:16 PM

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