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Topkapı Palace Sacred Relics

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Topkapı Palace Sacred Relics

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Wed, Sep 13, 2023 1:47 PM)

Topkapi Palace Sacred Relics

Topkapı Palace Sacred Relics


The Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, is indeed a remarkable historical and cultural site. The section you mentioned, where the holy relics are exhibited, holds great significance in Turkish history and Islamic heritage.

The Enderun section of Topkapi Palace, initially used as the residence for the Sultans during winter periods, gained importance with the transfer of the Caliphate to the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Yavuz Sultan Selim. Following this transfer, the holy relics associated with Islamic history were brought to Istanbul and safeguarded within the Topkapi Palace.

During the tumultuous period of the Second World War, recognizing the importance of preserving these sacred artifacts, the Ottoman Empire took measures to ensure their safety. The decision was made to transport the holy relics to Niğde by train, away from the potential dangers of war. In Niğde, these precious artifacts found a temporary home in Akmedrese and Sarıhan.

It's worth noting that Niğde, located in central Turkey, played a crucial role in safeguarding these relics during a time of global conflict. The relics remained in Niğde until 1947, and during this period, they were kept safe and well-preserved.

The fact that the Republic of Turkey continued to prioritize the protection and preservation of these holy relics after the end of the Ottoman Empire underscores their cultural and historical importance. The journey of these relics during the Second World War and their temporary residence in Niğde reflects the commitment to safeguarding Turkey's rich cultural heritage even in challenging times.

The sacred relics exhibited in Topkapı Palace are as follows:

  • Prophet David's sword
  • staff of Prophet Moses
  • Prophet Abraham's food bowl
  • Hz. Joseph's pole
  • Prophet Yahya (Saint John the Baptisted) arm and skull
  • Footprint of Prophet Muhammad
  • destemal
  • Guardian of Hajar al-Aswad
  • Gate of repentance of Kaaba
  • Rain gutters, locks and keys brought to the Kaaba after the renovation,
  • Swords of the Companions
  • Hz. Muhammad's Cardigan (in the chest)
  • Caliphate Flag (in the chest)
  • Beard of Prophet Muhammad in boxes
  • Prophet Muhammad's tooth in golden box
  • Letters sent by Prophet Muhammad to other tribes
  • Seal of Prophet Muhammad in golden box
  • Swords, arrows and bows of the Prophet Muhammad and the Kaliphs
  • The vessel from which Prophet Muhammad drank water
  • Prayer rug of Hazrat Fatima
  • Robe of Prophet Hussein
  • The Holy Land

In this section, the Quran is read live every day. and the dust that emerged after the cleaning of these rooms was stored and poured into the tomb of the Sultan when he died.

Topkapi Palace Museum
It is open every day except Tuesday.

Opening Time: 09:00

Closing Time: 19:00 (Winter Closing Time: 17:00) (The entrance door closes one hour before.)

Entrance Fee: 1500 Turkish Liras (2024 Price) You can visit with your Museum Card.



Warning: The area displaying the holy relics experiences extremely high levels of congestion throughout the day. For a more comfortable viewing experience, it is strongly advised to visit the museum immediately upon opening in the morning or during the final hours before closing. Please be aware that clothing inspections are rigorously conducted at the entrance, similar to procedures in mosques. Complimentary scarves are available for those whose attire does not meet the specified requirements. Your cooperation is essential to ensure a respectful and secure environment.



Wed, Sep 13, 2023 1:47 PM

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