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2 day Galipoly and Troy Package

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2 day Galipoly and Troy Package

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Sat, May 20, 2023 6:44 AM)

Embark on an Epic Odyssey: 2-Day Gallipoli and Troy Adventure

2 day Galipoly and Troy Package

**Embark on an Epic Odyssey: 2-Day Gallipoli and Troy Adventure**

*1st Day: Gallipoli Marvels*

**Early Morning Departure from Istanbul:**
As the first rays of dawn paint the sky, our journey begins with a seamless departure from Istanbul, setting the stage for an immersive exploration of Gallipoli's historic tapestry.

**Brighton Beach and Beach Cemetery – Simsphone Grave Stone:**
Our odyssey commences at Brighton Beach, where the sands whisper tales of sacrifice. The solemnity deepens at Beach Cemetery, adorned with Simsphone Grave Stone, a poignant reminder of lives laid down in the crucible of war.

**Anzac Cove – Arıburnu Cemetery – Anzac Commemoration Site:**
Anzac Cove unfolds its storied shores, a hallowed ground witnessing courage and camaraderie. Arıburnu Cemetery stands sentinel, a silent tribute to valor, followed by reflection at the Anzac Commemoration Site.

**Lone Pine – Kanlı Sırtı Australian Memorial – Johnston's Jolly:**
We pay homage at Lone Pine, a poignant Australian Memorial, and traverse Kanlı Sırtı, where echoes of the past resonate. Johnston's Jolly unveils Turkish and Anzac Trenches, a testament to the indomitable spirit on both sides.

**57th Regiment Turkish Memorial – The Nek – Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial:**
Honoring the 57th Regiment, we move to The Nek, a poignant vantage point, before reaching Chunuk Bair, a New Zealand Memorial. These sites breathe life into the narratives of courage etched in Gallipoli's rugged terrain.

**Mecidiye Tabya Cannon – Corporal Seyit Statue:**
Our journey continues to Mecidiye Tabya Cannon, an imposing relic of history, culminating with the iconic Corporal Seyit Statue. A tribute to resilience, Seyit carried a cannon bullet unaided, a symbol of unwavering strength.

**Dinner and Overnight in Canakkale Hotel:**
As the sun sets on Gallipoli's hallowed ground, we retreat to a Canakkale hotel for an evening of reflection, accompanied by a hearty dinner and restful repose.

*2nd Day: Troy's Timeless Echoes*

**Breakfast in Canakkale Hotel:**
A new day dawns, and after a nourishing breakfast, we embark on the next chapter of our odyssey.

**Trojan Horse – Helen of Troy – The Battle between Achilles and Hector:**
Troy's ancient gates swing open to reveal the iconic Trojan Horse, a symbol of intrigue and subterfuge. Walk the paths where Helen of Troy's footsteps echoed, and envision the epic clash between Achilles and Hector.

**Sacrificial Altars – Great Wall of Troy – 9 Different Living Levels:**
Explore the sacred Sacrificial Altars, witness the formidable Great Wall of Troy, and uncover the nine distinct living levels that chronicle Troy's enduring legacy.

**Houses of Troy – Tumulus Hills Cemetery:**
Delve into the timeless architecture of the Houses of Troy, remnants of a civilization dating back 3000 years. Pay respects at the Tumulus Hills Cemetery, the final resting place of Achilles and other heroes of bygone battles.

**Lunch in Canakkale:**
Post-Troy exploration, a delightful lunch in Canakkale awaits, offering a moment of relaxation amidst rich historical encounters.

**Return to Istanbul:**
With hearts brimming with history, we bid farewell to Canakkale and journey back to Istanbul, where our adventure concludes.


- Private Transportation
- Private English-speaking Tour Guide
- Entrance Fees as per Itinerary
- Two On-Site Lunches
- 4-star or 5-star Hotel Accommodation with Dinner and Breakfast


- Hotel Extras
- Tips for Driver and Tour Guide
- Drinks During Lunch
- Personal Expenses

Embark on this 2-day odyssey, where the echoes of Gallipoli and Troy intertwine, offering a profound tapestry of history, courage, and timeless allure.



Sat, May 20, 2023 6:44 AM

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