Two Continents Tour İstanbul

Two Continents Tour İstanbul

Two Continent Tour İstanbul

 As you know , İstanbul located between Two Continents Asia and Europe. Most of People  only  visits     European side of İstanbul .  in My opinion , This is so big mistake . Because except to İstanbul , you can not be two continents  in different part of  Earth in one day.  When you are in İstanbul . ı highly recommend you to  visit  Europe and Asia  in one day

Of course  visiting Two continents tour İstanbul with me will be more interesting . Thanks to me , You have a chance to learn interesting informations  about history of  İstanbul , you can taste  different kind of  local  Foods.  And you can  make  good  shopping in local and trustable store.  

For Two continent tour İstanbul , I prefer to use public transportation  instead of  Private Mini Van.Thanks to Public Transportation , You can  see local people living in İstanbul ad you have chance to speak with them . Maybe you  can listen Street Musicians who were  Univercity students during crossing  Bosphorus . we can give some tips to them  to thank them for  their perfomance

Negative part of  two Continent tour İstanbul, you should have physical Condition.

For  two continent tour in İstanbul ,  I put  three different  part of İstanbul (old town , Asian part and New part of İstanbul)  in Tour itinerary. I have some secret surprised  for you. For more information of  this tour, please feel free to contact me

Your Sincerely
Rasim Terzi
İstanbul Guide Services

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