Under ground Cistern

The Underground Cistern known as Basical Cistern 

People needs two important things to keep going on their life .  first of  that  is food and another one is water. You  can not live without them . that’s why , They are so important for people. So solution of Problem of water that they built too many cistern  as a flash tanks.

Thanks to location of Istanbul city, Istanbul has always been place for sea transportation, for sea transportion , Currents in Istanbul forced to you change your route for few days. So for overnight and for  food  and water , they sailed to golden horn habour of Istanbul, So we can say that currents and roughly waters make Istanbul rich. To become rich that  had created new enemies who wanted to get this revenue. That’s why Romans built long  city wall to protect city from enemies. But enemies never gave up. They put poisons into pipe of AquaDuct. And poison started to kill people . So Emperors built cisterns to keep water for tackling of problem.   It is thought that there is more or less 150 cistern in İstanbul . 

the most populer cistern in  Istanbul that is Yerebatan (The Underground) Cistern was constructed by Rome Emperior Justinian The Great. İn Six century. İn Yerebatan (The Underground) Cistern located in  Valley. Because of different gound levesl , too many recycling columns from Paganizm Temple were fixed by another big Stone during construction. They used more than 320 Ancient Doric , Corintian Columns and two Stone which decorated with medusa .   The underground Cistern  was never used in Ottoman times as a flash Tanks. Ottoman used to use cistern to keep big ices which was brought from Uludag of Bursa city.  They had shaped ice to use as a glass in Ottoman times. So this glass was used only one time then it was belt. 

You will see two medusa .

what is medusa ?

Medusa was so beautifull. Athena was jealous of  her and  after athena punishment , beautifull lady was converted into monester with snake hairs and dangerous lights from eyes to make people Stone. Today medusa stil is alive . medusa is inside of one vegetable. To learn name of Vegetable  please join  Tour organised by Istanbul Guide Services.

Open everday
Entrance fee is 20 Turkish Liras Per person

Cistern is operated by Istanbul Municipality


written by Rasim terzi

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