Roman Hipodrome

The Istanbul Roman Hipodrome
To rule people , you should show your force to them. If no , Nobody respect you . For this, Rome Emperors used Gladiator fighting to give a message that ı makea dicision that you will die or not , thumb up or down .  , It was forbidden to kill people in Christinity. therefore they alerted this organization.they did Horse chariot race for power of kingdom. winners of race were crowned by Emperors throughtout history.
Istanbul Roman Hipodrome was built by Septimus Severus, The obama of Roma emperial. Istanbul Rome Hipodrome was enlarged by Constantine the Great.   Constantine the Great brought special monuments from everywhere of His emperial's land  and he ordered to place them in Spina line.

In Ottoman Times , Hipodrome was used as a place for fiest , circumcision ceremony for Crown prince was held in hipodrome. and also in Ottoman times ,this area used as a Ottoman Army's trainig  land.

Unfortunately today you can not see  all monument and hipodrome building in this area . Today just three monument(Egtypian obelisc, Serpent column and Constantine's Column) welcomes you when you are in Istanbul Rome Hipodrome.

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