Hagia Sophia Museum

If Istanbul were the orchestra , Hagia Sophia would be the maestro of this Orchestra

Rasim Terzi

If you need a witness who seen what happened in Istanbul for 1500 years. You should meet Hagia Sophia Museum. Hagia Sophia is mother of all best Building what you know . Hagia Sophia is one of the Building where you can see trace of two Religion Muslin and Christianity. Hagia Sophia was used for the coronation ceremony of Rome Emperor. Hagia Sophia was center of Rome Emperial. The big fighting between West church and East church called schisma was done in Hagia Sophia . after full of 900 years service for Christianity, Hagia Sophia was used as a mosque in Ottoman Times more or less 400 years . And the First Friday praying was done in Hagia Sophia Museum. Hagia Sophia was used for victory announcement after battle in Ottoman. In 1934 Hagia Sophia was converted into museum by decision of Atatürk and council of Ministers. Since 1934, No religion worships in Hagia Sophia Museum. Today Hagia Sophia used as a museum . TodayHagia Sophia is a significant museum which is visited by Approximately 3 million people in one year.

General Information of Hagia Sophia Museum Opens : every day ecept Monday

 Off – season : from 9 am to 5 pm last entrance is 4 pm

Summer Season : from 9 am to 7 pm last entrance is 6 pm

Entrance fee : 72 Turkish Liras

First Church as a Building At the beginning of Christianity , this religion was accepted by Rome Imperial. Therefore First Christians used secret place like caves for worshiping The God. After Milano Agreement in 313 A.D. and First Council Of Nicaea (İznik),First Building As a Church was started to constructed by Constantine the Great on old Artemis Temple . First Church’s construction was completed by Constantius the Second . First Church was called Magna Ecclesia which means big Church in Latin. It was open on February 15th 360 A.D. .


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