Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood

İf you want to see untouristic zone in İstanbul. Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood is one of best place  in İstanbul . Even Cerrahpasha is very closed to most of Touristic Highlights. Most of Tourist miss to visit Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood. Cerrah means Operation Doctor in Arabic Language. Cerrah Mehmed Pasha was operation doctor in Topkapı palace in the time of Sultan Murat 3rd. And Cerrah Mehmed Pasha did Circumsion operation of Sultan Mehmet 3rd . whe  He was prince (Shezade). Thanks to good Curcimsion operation done by Cerrah Mehmed Pasha Sucessfully. Cerrah Mehmet Pasha was promoted as a vizier (Pasha). After that, he started to join Council meeting done in Topkapı Palace . After dismissed of  Grand Vizier Hadım Hasan Pasha  done by Sultan Mehmet3rd. Cerrah Mehmet Pasha  became Grand Vizier . Afte rhe was promoted, Cerrah Mehmet Pasha  constructed a complex building called kulliye is consist of Mosque, tomb, madrasah and Turkish Bath in this Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood. 

Cerrah Pasha Neighbourhood was one square located on mesa street in Roman times. This square was called Arkadios who was elder son of Theodoisos the first. And Arcadios square located at top of hill which is one of seven hills of Old town of İstanbul. Arcadios Column was believed that it was one of 27 Talismanic Columns who proctect İstanbul city . Arcadios square was used as a Slave market in Roman times. 

Cerrah Pasha Neighbour also was used as a slave market in Ottoman times. Most of Concubines was brought to here by Pirates  to be sold to rich Families such as  Ottoman Royal Family  

Today Cerrah Pasha Neighbourhood contains too many Roman and Ottoman building .These buildings ;




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