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Tour Code : Byzantine
Itinerary : Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilical cisterns, ancient hipodrome, small hagia sophia , byzantine palace, mozaic museum
Location : istanbul
Duration : 5 hours
Byzantine Guide Services

Istanbul was three times capital city  for three imperial. At first time  Istanbul  was  capital city for Rome imperial when Constantine  the Great had planned to go to east.
 After a while   Rome emperior Arcadius  divided his land in  two part for his two sons. That’s why,  there were two rome imperial after arcadius. West part and East part.  But German Historian called byzantine imperial instead of East of Rome Imperial.  Therefore  Istanbul was capital city of Byzantine İmperial after 4th. Century A.D. After  Byzantine imperial defeated by Ottoman İmperial , Istanbul became capital city for Ottoman İmperial in 15th Century A.D.  
Thanks to Byzantine Guide Services  , you can discover the , byzantine history, Byzantine art, Byzantine mosaic, Byzantine paintings, Byzantine Architecture  in Byzantine Churches,  Byzantine Palaces  And Byzantine Hipodrome.  And also  You visit hidden gems of Byzantine in Istanbul City which  is impossible to find without any assistance.

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