Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is one of the most visited places in Istanbul such as Grand Bazaar. Spice Bazaar is not only preferred by locals as a place for shopping. But Also It is preferred by tourists from all over the world. Same like Grand Bazaar, This market was constructed in order to provide revenue of New Mosque. But During construction of New Mosque, there were financial problems. That’s why It took more or less hundred years for construction of New Mosques and bazaars

Egyptian Bazaar Mısır Çarşısı

Although it is called as a spice Bazaar today, the products that have come to this market throughout history had been sent from the Egyptian port to Istanbul. Therefore, Spice bazaar was named as the Egyptian bazaar as the second name. Egypt is "MISIR" in Turkish But we would like to remind you that the word “MISIR” has two meanings in Turkish. “MISIR” is both “EGYPT” and Corn.

What to buy in Spice Bazaar

The answer to your question of what you can buy in Spice Bazaar  will be quite long. therefore, we found it more appropriate to make a list of those sold in this Bazaar

Spices And Saffron

Spices are very important for health. Spice Bazaar has been used as a pharmacy throughout the history. You can find hundreds of kinds of spices. Especially among them you can find quality saffron produced in Safranbolu in Turkey.

Chocolate, Turkish Delight And Baklava

You can find chocolates. Especially mushroom-shaped chocolates are very famous in the market. Turkish Delight in Turkey you will find anywhere. But in terms of Turkish delight, you can find the freshest and most beautiful Turkish Delight in the market. 


You can find caviars made from Russia and Iran in the Spice bazaar

Teas and Coffee seed 

Teas, like spices, are also important for Health. People who need tea for recovering . They prefer to This Market for shopping. Also Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, Famous Turkish Coffee Company, is located nearby Spice bazaar. 

Dairy Products 

Milks, Cheeses, Butters and Yogurts which is produced daily in Istanbul Village are sold in spice bazaar

Meat products  

Fermented sausages, salaams , Cured  Spiced Meat (Pastırma) can be found in bazaar as well. 

Seeds for gardening  

All different kinds of Flowers onions and seeds could be found nearby Bazaar.

Pet shops

Different kind of Birds, fishes and Pets could be found around Spice Bazaar. Also you can find Worms which are used as a medicine. These worms absorb the body. After that They heal people.

Souvenir shops 

The Devil Eyes bead is the most famous souvenir that you can get from Turkey. Turks believe that Devil eyes protect you from Bad eyes. if you give this one to others in your family , it is going to be meaningful gift from you to others.

What to eat in Spice Bazaar

During your trip to Istanbul, you should consider the Spice Bazaar as lunch or dinner. You can find the best tastes of Turkish cuisine in the restaurants around the Spice Bazaar.
Restaurant that we recommend
Hocapasha Street Local restaurants for tasting different kind of local Foods 
Hamdi Restaurant for Turkish Kebabs
Pandeli Restaurant for tasting  good starters
Saray Patisserie  for tasting Sweats . Especial Milk Puddings
Fish Sandwiches from Old Fishing Boats

How to go Spice Bazaar 

Spice Bazaar is located in Eminonu Neighborhood. Eminonu is the crowdest place in Istanbul. You can go to Spice Bazaar by Blue Tram Line in Istanbul 


Spice Bazaar Opening Hours

Bazaar is open Everyday. It opens at 8 am. It closes at 7:30 pm.  Spice Bazaar is closed on religious holidays and on republic day.


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