Money Collection

Money Collection


  • My name is Rasim Terzi. I am manager  and Professional Tourist Guide of Istanbul Guide Services. as a tour  guide in Turkey, it is a one of custom to give t tip to Tour Guide. But ı had changed this custom. I have requested to my guests to give tip in their country currency. thanks to this ı have a nice money collections for different currency. It is   one of my hobby right now. 

İn this article, ı want to publish my money collection. I hope that you like them. and also join my tour  and  help me to raise money collections

  • Maritius Rubees Februar 1st 2018
  • Indonesia Currency  : taken from Dimas  feb 20th 2016.

  • endonazya parası
  • Mexico coins

  • Mexico coins

  • Russian Ruble

  • South Africa Rand

  • Tanzania Banknote
  •  Indenozia Banknote
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