Istanbul Tourist Guide

Istanbul Tourist Guide

Istanbul Tourist guide
Istanbul is one of the most beautifull cities of all over the world. Istanbul has too many highlights like Hagia Sophia Museum , Topkapı Palace , Underground Cistern, ancient hippodrome  and blue mosque.  To get knowledge about history and different related to Turkey, and also to live in city like locals ,  you should get Istanbul Tourist guide. Thanks to Istanbul Tourist guide , you can protect yourself from Touristic traps. 

 All ıstanbul tourist guide get licence from Minister of Culture and Tourism. And all Istanbul Tourist Guide has no any criminal records.  And also Istanbul Tourist Guides can speak their language fluently.  
When student ask question to their teacher  who is Istanbul Tourist Guide ?
Teacher answers  that Istanbul Tourist Guide is a person who knows a bit of Everything. 

What is Istanbul Tourist Guide fee in Istanbul ?
Istanbul Tourist guide fee is decided  after meeting between Authorized people from Chamber Of Istanbul Tourist Guide, Assocation of Travel agency of Turkey  and Minister of Culter and Tourism in Turkey.  
According to Decision ,  for 2016 
Istanbul Tourist Guide Minimum fee per day  
For Transfer  :  164 Turkish Liras
Night Tour    : 164 Turkish liras
Full day tour : 326 Turkish liras (from 9 am to 6 pm)
Package  tour : 393 Turkish Liras 
This prices are minimum , Any offer under than this fees is illegal in Turkey. 

All Istanbul Tourist Guide have to  show their licence Please check your Istanbul Tourist Guide during your Istanbul Tour. 
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