Hippodrome of Constantinople

Hippodrome of Constantinople

Hippodrome of Constantinople  is one of the most visited places in Istanbul. Although there are only three monuments today, Therefore, in this article, we would like to share with you our information about Hippodrome of Constantinople .

As you know in Roman history, gladiator competitions were a popular organization like today's football. But with the spread of Christianity, Gladiator activities were banned. Horse Chariot racing started to take place instead of galdiator wars. The first horse chariot races were held at the hippodrome in Rome. then the hippodrome buildings began to be built all over the Roman empire. In fact, this hippodrome was built by Septimus Severus in the 2nd century AD, although its name is called the Hippodrome of Constantinople . Constantine, which decided the second empire of the roman empire as Istanbul, started to build its new capital like Rome in Italy. While building his new capital, Constantin valued the building of the hippodrome. He ordered to move the most important monuments to his new capital in the Roman Territory. These important monuments were placed on the line formed in the middle of the Hippodrome of Constantinople called Spina.

Important monuments placed in the spina in Hippodrome of Constantinople  are;

  • The Egyptian Obelisk (Dikilitaş in Turkish)
  • The Serpentine Column (Burma Sütun in Turkish)
  • The Constantine Column (Örme Sütun in Turkish)
  • Goose Statue
  • Calydonian Boar statue
  • Zeus Staue
  • Scylla Group (A scene from Odysey)
  • Alexander the Great Statue
  • Winged Sphinx
  • Lion Statue
  • Herakles Resting Statue
  • Eagle and Serpent Fighting Statue
  • Ass with rider statue
  • Apis and Sobek Statue
  • Hekate Satue
  • Porphyrus Statue
  • Herakles fighting the hydra
  • Herakles fighting the Nemean Lion
  • Nike Statue
  • Shewolf suckling Remus and Romulus Statue
  • August Statue


You should see

Today, you can see only those monuments that I have written in Turkish beside these monuments listed above. You can see the others on the list at the exhibition on display in the Nakkas cistern, which is located very close to the Hippodrome of Constantinople 

Crusader ın Hıppodrome of Constantınople

The crusaders who invaded Constantiople in 1204 looted many monuments in the hippodrome of Constantinople.  One of the lootings is the Quadriga Horses on display at Venice Saint Marco's Cathedral today.


Hıppodrome of Constantınople ın Ottoman Tımes (At Meydanı)

After the conquest of Istanbul, we know that the Hippodrome of Constantinople was used for circumcision ceremonies of Sultan's Princes. Also, in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, this place which called At Meydani by Locals was used as the place where the Ottoman soldiers exercised.


Hipodrome of Istanbul Today

Although it is known as hippodrome of Constantinople  all over the world. in 1923, with the declaration of the Republicof Turkey, Istanbul name was used instead of Constantinople name. For this reason, Sultanahmet Hippodrome started to be called thanks to the Sultan Ahmet Mosque.(blue Mosque )






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