Emperors Who Ruled Istanbul Throughout History

Emperors Who Ruled Istanbul Throughout History

Roman Emperors

  1. Constantine the Great 
  2. Constantine the Second 
  3. Julianus
  4. Jovian 
  5. Valentinianus 
  6. Valens 
  7. Theodosius the Great 

Byzantium Emperors 

Theodosius the Great could not choose one of his two sons as heir. As a solution, he decided to divide his land in two. Therefore, the Roman empire was divided into two as eastern Rome and western Rome. Historians preferred to say Byzantine Empire instead of Eastern Roman Empire.

  1. Arcadios
  2. Thedosios The Second (Pulcheria)
  3. Marcianos 
  4. Leo the First 
  5. Leo the Second 
  6. Zeno 
  7. Basiliscus
  8. Anastasios the First 
  9. Justin the First 
  10. Justinian The Great 
  11. Justin the Second 
  12. Tiberios 
  13. Mauricius 
  14. Phocas
  15. Heraklios 
  16. Constantine the Third 
  17. Heraklonas
  18. Constans the Second 
  19. Constantine the Forth 
  20. Justinian the Second 
  21. Leontios 
  22. Tiberios the Second 
  23. Philippicos 
  24. Anastasios the Second 
  25. Theodosios the Third 
  26. Leo the Third 
  27. Constantine the Fifth
  28. Leo the Forth 
  29. Constantine the Sixth 
  30. Empress Irene 
  31. Nikephoros 
  32. Staurakios
  33. Michael Rangabe 
  34. Leo the Fifth
  35. Michale the Second 

Ottoman Sultans

  1. Sultan Mehmet Conqueror 
  2. Sultan Beyzıd the Second 
  3. Sultan Selim First
  4. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent
  5. Sultan Selim the Second 
  6. Sultan Murat Third 
  7. Sultan Mehmet Third 
  8. Sultan Ahmet 
  9. Sultan Mustafa First 
  10. Sultan Osman the Second (Young)
  11. Sultan Murat Fourth 
  12. Sultan Ibrahim (Crazzy)
  13. Sultan Mehmet Fourth (Hunter)
  14. Sultan Suleyman the Second 
  15. Sultan Ahmet the Second 
  16. Sultan Mustafa the Second 
  17. Sultan Ahmet Third 
  18. Sultan Mahmut First 
  19. Sultan Osman Third 
  20. Sultan Mustafa Third
  21. Sultan Abdülhamid First 
  22. Sultan Selim Third 
  23. Sultan Mustafa Fourth 
  24. Sultan Mahmut The Second 
  25. Sultan Abdülmecid 
  26. Sultan Abdülaziz 
  27. Sultan Murat Fifth 
  28. Sultan Abdülhamid the Second 
  29. Sultan Mehmet Resat 
  30. Sultan Mehmet Vahdettin 

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