CerrahPasha and Haseki

CerrahPasha and Haseki

Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood

İf you want to see untouristic zone in İstanbul. Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood is one of best place  in İstanbul . Even Cerrahpasha is very closed to most of Touristic Highlights. Most of Tourist miss to visit Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood. Cerrah means Operation Doctor in Arabic Language. Cerrah Mehmed Pasha was operation doctor in Topkapı palace in the time of Sultan Murat 3rd. And Cerrah Mehmed Pasha did Circumsion operation of Sultan Mehmet 3rd . When  He was prince (Shezade). Thanks to good Curcimsion operation done by Cerrah Mehmed Pasha Sucessfully. Cerrah Mehmet Pasha was promoted as a vizier (Pasha). After that, He started to join Council meeting done in Topkapı Palace . After dismissed of  Grand Vizier Hadım Hasan Pasha  done by Sultan Mehmet3rd. Cerrah Mehmet Pasha  became Grand Vizier . Afte he was promoted, Cerrah Mehmet Pasha  constructed a complex building called kulliye is consist of Mosque, tomb, madrasah and Turkish Bath in this Cerrahpasha Neighbourhood. 

Cerrah Pasha Neighbourhood was one square located on mesa street in Roman times. This square was called Arkadios who was elder son of Theodoisos the first. And Arcadios square located at top of hill which is one of seven hills of Old town of İstanbul. Arcadios Column was believed that it was one of 27 Talismanic Columns who proctect İstanbul city . Arcadios square was used as a Slave market in Roman times. 

Cerrah Pasha Neighbour also was used as a slave market in Ottoman times. Most of Concubines was brought to here by Pirates  to be sold to rich Families such as  Ottoman Royal Family  

Today Cerrah Pasha Neighbourhood contains too many Roman and Ottoman building .These buildings ;

Bulgur Palace

Bulgur Palace is one of best building of  First National Architectural trend in İstanbul . Bulgur Palace was constructed by Bolu Deputy  Mehmet Habib Bey who made business of bulgur (Cracked Wheat). Architecture of Bulgur Palace was Giulio Mongeri . Bulgur Palace looks like Building of  Horror Movie .

Bayram Pasha Mosque 

Bayram Pasha was groom of Sultan Ahmet 1st. And during reign of Sultan Murat 4th , Bayram Pasha was appointed as a Grand Vizier . He was known Ladikli Bayra Pasha. one of neighbourhouds of İstanbul  is called by His Name Bayrampasha. Also Peot Nef  was executed by order of Bayram Pasha . Body of Poet Nef  was thrown to Bosphorus . during seige of Baghdad, Bayram Pasha  passed away in Urfa city. And his body was sent back to İstanbul for funeral ceremony.  Bayram Pasha was buried in his mosque  which was built by Architecture Kasım Agha in 1634. 

Davud Pasha Mosque 

This mosque was built by order of Davud Pasha who was grand Vizier of Sultan Beyazıd The Second in 1485. Davud Pasha mosque has T Shaped Plan. Davud  mosque has two rooms which was used as a guesthouse for Dervishes. who was mobile . Justice court was held nearby Davud Pasha mosque .

Haseki Hurrem Complex Buildings

Haseki was called  Favorite concubine of Ottoman Sultans. One best known Favorite was no doubt Hurrem Sultan . Hurrem Sultan as known Roxelana in Europe was wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent . and Mother of Sultan Selim the second as known Yellow Selim . Haseki Hurem Complex Building was built in place where Ladies slaves were sold in 1539. Haseki Hurrem Comlex Building was constructed by others architects at the begining . but it was finished by Architect Sinan the Great . Hasike Hurrem Comlex Building contains Mosque, Madrasah ,hospital , fountain and restoutant for free food of Poor poeple. But Hospital was used as a dungeon  in following years.

EseKapı (Ese Gate ) İbrahim Pasha Mosque and Madrasah 

The City Walls constructed by Constructed by Constantine the Great was  extended in this area. One of The door of walls was called Jesus Gate . Jesus  Gate was called Ese Gate or İsa Kapı (Gate) by locals in Turkish . And there was a Church date back 14. Centure in This Area . this church was converted into mosque by order of Hadım Ibrahin Pasha . Hadım Ibrahim Pasha also added  a madrasah nearby his mosque . Mosque and Madrasah  was built by Architect Sinan the great .

Hekimoglu Ali Pasha Mosque

Ali Pasha was son of Doctor Nuh Efendi . That's why his nick name was Doctor's son Ali Pasha . He was from Cretan . He did good job in Tebriz Battle was held in October 11th 1725 . and then He became vizier  and head grovernor  of Anatolia .  and He became Grand Vizier (Sadrazam ) two times in his life . in his life he was in Maiden Tower Dungeon . Thanks to Queen Mother . he was rescued from dungeon and he was exiled to Cyprus. 

His Mosque was built by Architect Omer Agha in 1735. Hekim oglu Ali Pasha mosque plan  look like Cerrahpasha Mosque. But This mosque is believed to be  both last example of Ottoman classicall shaped mosque and firstexample of  Western  Baroque shaped mosque . this mosque was used as a Dervishes lodge 

Saint Mocius Cistern 

City of İstanbul always had  water problem.Because İstanbul acquired waters thanks to Aquaducts   Especially during Seiges done by enemies. These aquaducts were destroyed by enemies . that's why, Connection between Water and city was destroyed. for solution of this problem , too many cistern was built in defferent parts of İstanbul. Most of cistern were built  as a indoor building . but 4 of them were  built as a outdoor . one of them is Saint Mocius Cistern . Saint Mocius cistern was constructed in 5th century. Saint Mocius was priest in a church located nearby this cistern. that's why this name was given by royal family . 

In Ottoman times , Saint Mocius Cistern was used as land for agriculture . İt was called "Cukurbostan" in Ottoman times. Today Cistern was converted into Parc by Municipality. 

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