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Edirne Tour

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Edirne Tour

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Sun, Aug 20, 2023 3:42 PM)

Unveiling Ottoman Heritage and Local Delights

Edirne Tour

Private Edirne Tour: Unveiling Ottoman Heritage and Local Delights

Edirne, the second capital of the Ottoman Empire, beckons with a rich tapestry of history, architecture, and local flavors. Craft your own special Edirne tour or seek the expertise of a professional guide for an unforgettable experience.

Must-Visit Highlights:

  1. Old Mosque Calligraphy: Marvel at the exquisite calligraphy of the Old Mosque, a testament to Ottoman artistic grandeur.

  2. Üç Şerefeli Mosque Door: Admire the intricate design of the Door of the Üç Şerefeli Mosque, a masterpiece of Ottoman craftsmanship.

  3. Selimiye Mosque: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Selimiye Mosque, an architectural masterpiece designed by the legendary Mimar Sinan.

Shopping Delights:

Don't miss the opportunity to explore Edirne's famous bazaars and indulge in some unique purchases:

  • Mirrored Brooms: A quirky and distinctive souvenir.

  • Kavala Cookies: Treat your taste buds to the delightful flavors of local cookies.

  • Fruit-Shaped Soaps: Unique and charming, these soaps make for memorable gifts.

Cultural Gems:

  1. Mimar Sinan Wax Statue: Encounter a lifelike wax statue of Mimar Sinan, showcasing the brilliance of the renowned Ottoman architect.

  2. Beyazıt Health Museums: Explore the two Beyazıt health museums offering music therapy, providing a unique cultural experience.

  3. Edirne Palace Ruins: Discover the ruins of the Ottoman Empire's Edirne Palace, situated by the scenic Meriç River.

Festival Extravaganzas:

If your visit aligns with festivities, be sure to partake in:

  • Kakava Festival: Experience the vibrant Kakava Festival, celebrating culture and tradition.

  • Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival: Witness the ancient tradition of oil wrestling at the Kırkpınar Festival, a spectacle of strength and skill.

Culinary Delights:

Indulge in the local flavors of Edirne, with a must-try being:

  • Fried Liver: Savor the local specialty of fried liver, a delectable treat for your taste buds.

A Private Edirne Tour promises an enriching journey through Ottoman history, architectural marvels, cultural festivities, and culinary delights, ensuring an experience that lingers in your memory.




Sun, Aug 20, 2023 3:42 PM

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