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Seven Churches of Revelations

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Seven Churches of Revelations

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Fri, Jan 13, 2023 4:38 PM)

Ephesus, Symrna, Pergamon, Thyatira, Sardes, Philadelphia, Laodicia

Seven Churches of Revelations

Seven Churches of Revelations in Turkiye

1 day 

  • pick up from Istanbul Hotel and transfer to İstanbul Airport 
  • domestic flight to İzmir 
  • Visiting İzmir castle 
  • visiting Saint Policarp Church in İzmir Symrna 
  • Have a lunch in local Restourant 
  • 2 hours driving to Pergamon 
  • Visiting Pergamon Acropolis and Red Basilica Church 
  • Overnight in Pergamon hotel  and Dinner in The Hotel 

2 day

  • Breakfast in pergamon hotel 
  • shopping in Pergamon Local Stone and Jewelery 
  • 2 hours driving to Akşehir 
  • visiting ruins of Thyratira Ancient City 
  • Have a lunch 
  • visiting Sardes Ancient City and Artemis temple which was used as a Church 
  • Visiting ruins of Philadelphia
  • Overnight in Pamukkale Thermal hotel  and enjoy Thermal pool in the hotel and dinner in Hotel 

3 day

  • Optional Hot Air Baloon Tour or Paragliding Tour in Pamukkale 
  • visiting Hierapolis Ancient City  and Saint Philip Church and Martyrdom
  • visiting Laodicia Ancient City 
  • Have A lunch in local restourant 
  • three hours Driving to Ephesus 
  • overnight in Kusadası hotel 

4 day

  • shopping in Leather Factory Store and Private Fashion Show 
  • Visiting House of Mother Mary
  • visiting Ephesus Ancient City 
  • have a lunch 
  • visiting Sirince Village 
  • visiting Saint John Basilica and graveyard
  • Airport Transfer to İzmir Airport 
  • Domestic Flight to Istanbul Airport from Izmir Airport
  • Airport transfer from İstanbul Airport to İstanbul Hotel 

Seven Churches of Revelations in Turkey tour program we mentioned above is the seven church tour program that is generally held in Turkey. This program is programmed according to the long day interval in the summer season. You may need one more day to run this program during the winter period. Seven Churches of Revelations in Turkey tour program is organized only for private groups, as it is a tour that is not in demand.Due to changes in domestic flight prices and hotel prices, Seven Churches of Revelations in Turkey tour does not have a fixed price. Please contact us for the price of Seven Churches of Revelations in Turkey tour.



Fri, Jan 13, 2023 4:38 PM

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