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Which mosques should we visit in Istanbul?

tags: Mosques in Istanbul Which mosques should we visit in Istanbul?

Which mosques should we visit in Istanbul?

Editor: Rasim Terzi (Sun, Apr 3, 2022 1:47 PM)

Mosques in Istanbul 

Which mosques should we visit in Istanbul?

Istanbul, for me, we should divide into three regions. These regions are the Historical peninsula, Pera, and the Asian part. Beautiful mosques were built in these three regions. Even just visiting the mosques in Istanbul can take days.

Mosques in Istanbul Historical peninsula

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, the oldest building in Istanbul, became a museum after 900 years of being a church and 500 years of being a mosque, saying that I am so retired from myself. but in 2021, those in the state officials said "no retirement for you". They turned it into a mosque again. Regardless, Hagia Sophia is the most important building in Istanbul. you must see.

Blue Mosque 

The Blue Mosque, the first mosque of Istanbul with 6 minarets, is decorated with 21000 Blue Iznik tiles. You can see it in every shade of blue in this building. But the restoration work in the Blue Mosque, which has been in the restaurant for the last few years, is about to end. When you visit Istanbul, you will probably be able to see the beauties of the blue mosque.


Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque

The restoration registration or entry queue was too long when we came in blue mosque . Let's say you have a question, "Is there any other blue mosque in this city?" Of course, although it is not huge like the blue mosque, the blue tiles in the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque are very beautiful. You will be amazed.

Small Hagia Sophia Mosque 

Emperor Justinian built a small example of the Hagia Sophia before he built it. Its original name was Sergius Bachus Church. These names were given to this church in honor of the saints who lived in the Justinian period. The dome of the great Hagia Sophia collapsed many times due to the earthquake. To see what the oldest dome of Hagia Sophia looks like, you should visit the Small Hagia Sophia mosque today.

Nurosmaniye Mosque

Nur is a word used in the religion of Islam to mean holy light. Nuruosmaniye Mosque is really wonderful with its light beam inside. You will probably go to the Grand Bazaar for shopping during your Istanbul trip. if you want to kill two birds with one stone. Do not forget to visit Nurosmaniye Mosque during your shopping at the Grand Bazaar. Don't forget to eat doner kebab at Dönerci şahin, located in a back street of Nurosmaniye Mosque.

Beyazıt Mosque 

The other mosque, which is next to the covered bazaar, like the Nur Osmaniye mosque, is the Beyazıt mosque. It is located right next to the second-hand booksellers market. The courtyard of the Beyazıt mosque is a very quiet environment. You can buy a book from the second-hand bookstore market and read your book in this quiet environment. As a building, Beyazıt Mosque is similar to Hagia Sophia.

Suleymaniye Mosque 

There is a mosque on every hill of the historical peninsula of Istanbul. But no one has the same view as the Süleymaniye mosque. While in the Süleymaniye Mosque, you can see both the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn.

The Suleymaniye Mosque is a kulliye surrounded by madrasas. Today, some of these madrasas are used as bean restaurants. Turks love the trio of dry beans, rice and pickles. The best place to taste this trio is the restaurants in the Süleymaniye mosque.

The interior of the Süleymaniye mosque, on the other hand, has very different architectural features. The Süleymaniye Mosque has a very simple decoration. It was not tried to be beautiful by using it with tiles such as the blue mosque.

Crown Prince Mosque Sehzade Mosque 

Şehzade Mosque is a mosque that the architect Sinan accepted as an apprenticeship work. Architect Sinan could not like this mosque too much because he exaggerated the decorations in this mosque. Because he knew that he could do better than this, the prince called the mosque his work of apprenticeship. It is said that Istanbul was built in the middle of the historical peninsula. even a stone found on the wall of this mosque facing the road shows this.Since it was the place where taxes were collected from the tradesmen during the Ottoman period, this area was called the cashier.

Laleli Mosque 

It was built between 1760 and 1763 by the order of Sultan Mustafa the Third, the architect Tahir Aga. A mosque, which was built with limestone to protect the building from moisture, is actually a kulliye. But the architect Tahir Agha, who wanted to use the place more conveniently, built the other structures of the Kulliye as a basement under the mosque. For this reason, the Mosque is located quite high above the road level. Of course, when the ground level was lowered for the road works in the 1950s, the Laleli mosque remained higher. In the Tomb section of the Laleli Mosque, there are the tombs of Sultan Mustafa III, Selim III and Adilşah Kadın, the wife of Sultan Mustafa III. You can also see the footprints of the Prophet Muhammad in this tomb. Like the inside of this tomb, the outside is also very interesting. You can see the birdhouses on the outer walls of the tomb.

Pertevniyal Queen Mother Mosque 

Pertevniyal, which means the good and the light, is a name given to his concubine by Sultan Mahmut the Second. This concubine was the mother of Sultan Abdulaziz and became the valide Sultan. He had a kulliye built in Aksaray square in order to immortalize his name. But due to the Taksim Unkapanı road works, the entrance of the mosque and the road level are at a very different level. The Tomb of the Pertevniyal Valide Sultan is located in the courtyard of the mosque. This mosque, built by the Armenian Balyan Family, resembles Gothic churches in appearance. The building, which has a very plain appearance on the outside, is colorful inside. Especially the Dome is great. It resembles the gigantic dome in the examination hall of the Dolmabahçe Palace.

Cerrahpasa Mosque 

This mosque, which gives its name to the medical faculty today, was built by Cerrah Mehmet Pasha, who was the grand vizier for a short time in the 16th century. He was given the nickname of doctor because he performed the circumcision of Sultan Mehmed the 3rd.

Fatih Mosque 

The Ottomans built important mosques on the hills of Istanbul in the historical peninsula. The most important of these is the Fatih Mosque, which was built on the spot where the Havarium Church is located in the tombs of the Byzantine emperors.The mosque, which was completely destroyed due to the 1766 earthquake, was rebuilt by Sultan Mustafa the 3rd.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque 

Mihrimah Mosque 

Yeni Cami

Rustem Pasa Mosque 

Eyup el Ensari Mosque

Mosques in Istanbul Pera

Arabic Mosque 

Underground Mosque 

Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Azapkapı Mosque

Taksim Square Mosque

Kılıç Ali Pasa Mosque 

Nusretiye Mosque

Dolmabahce palace Mosque 

Ortaköy Mosque

Mosques in Istanbul Asia

Camlıca Mosque 

Queen Mother Mosque 

Mihrimah Mosque 

Beylerbeyi Mosque 



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