Laleli And Aksaray

Laleli Mosque 

Sultan Mustafa the Third built four diferent mosques in Istanbul. But he didn't successed to give his name to his mosque .  One of these mosque is Laleli mosque . laleli mosque  name derived from a Dervish called Laleli (literally means with Tulip ) . Laleli Mosque was constructed by order of Sultan Mustafa the Third between years of 1760- 1763 . laleli mosque Architect was Mehmet Tahir agha . you can see very beautifull Birds houses on the laleli Mosque 


Tashan was built by Sultan Mustafa the third during construction of Laleli Mosque . Tashan was called different name  in diferent time period . Tashan was called Sipahi khan at the begining. then it was called Katırcıoglu Khan . Tashan was built  in order to get revenue for Laleli mosque like Grand bazaar and Spice Bazaar . Tashan was used as a timber storehouse in a few years. Plus Tashan was used by Janissaries as a barracks. Today There is a lot of companies who make wholesale busines of Clothes and leather jackets inside and around Tashan . Turkish Night Show was organized in Tashan a few years ago. Tashan is also famous in Turkish tv series . Tv Series Called " Binbir Gece" and "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" was filmed in Tashan  

Tayyare Apartment - Harikzedegan Apartment 

The Fire was always big disaster for Istanbul. One of Big fire disaster was happened in Cibali nearby Golden Horn in 1918. Because of this fire,  around  7500 Houses was completely destroyed. Ottoman imperial made first Collective Houses project for assisting people who lost their house in this fire. Harikzedegan  (literally meaning people affected fire) Apartment  was built by Famous Architect Kemallettin whose photo  was on former 20 Turkisk Liras Banknote. After republic of Turkey , This Building rental revenue was transfered to Assocation of Turkish Air . Therefore name of Apartment  was changed and called Tayyare ( Flight) .  Tayyare Apartment was converted into hotel in 1985.

Koca Ragıp Pasha Library 

Koca Ragıp Pasha Library , which is  opposite Laleli Mosque. was constructed by Koca Ragıp Pasha , who was Grand Vizier of Sultan Mustafa the Third , in 1762 .40 Days after construction was completed , Koca Ragıp Pasha passed away. So Koca Ragıp Pasha Library also was used as a his tomb. Koca Ragıp Pasha , who was poet, donated more than thousand books to this library. Koca Ragıp Pasha library , 

Koca Ragıp Pasha Library , which is under control of Suleymaniye Library , was destroyed due to Big Earthquake was happened in 1999. That's why,This Library is under restoration now .

Bodrum Mesih Pasha Mosque (Myrelaion )


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