Princes' Island Guide Services

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Istanbul is one of the beautifull city . according to Turkish writers , Istanbul is a woman . Every woman has a jewellery. Istanbul Jeweleries are Princes' island.  Althought Islands are so beautifull today, Too many bad memories was done in Islands during By... READ MORE
Bursa Guide Services

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Turkey has a lot of İnteresting places. Bursa is one of Them. in Bursa you get a bit of Everthings. you can discover Birth of Ottoman Imperial. you can witness that Christianity was claimed as a legal religion by Constantine the Great in Iznik.  You can taste best alexander kebap in Local restourant and chestnu... READ MORE
Golden Horn Tour

Golden Horn Tour - Golden Hor

thanks to Golden Horn , (Halic in Turkish), Istanbul Constantinople was selected by Constantine the Great as a capital city of Roman İmperial. Question : Why did Constantine the Great choose Golden Horn instead of others like Troy , Athens, Rome.  for Answering of This q... READ MORE
Hagia Sophia Guide Services

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Thanks to Private Tour Guiding, you can get more information about Hagia Sophia Museum. If no, You dont like Hagia Sophia museum. You start to think that you wasted your money and time. After that, you will write a bad reviews about Hagia Sophia Museum in Tripadvisor. when you look at oyster, It doesn' look interesting But eve... READ MORE
Byzantine Guide Services

Byzantine Guide Services - Byzantine

Istanbul was three times capital city  for three imperial. At first time  Istanbul  was  capital city for Rome imperial when Constantine  the Great had planned to go to east.  After a while   Rome emperior Arcadius  divided his land in  two part for his two sons. That... READ MORE