The White house of Ottoman Imperial

The White house of Ottoman Imperial

Topkapi palace , located in best  place , had been the  second palace of the  Ottoman imperial  for 400 year. Topkapi palace was constructed by Sultan Mehmet the second.  24 Ottoman Sultans used to live between 1470’s and 1856. Sultan Abdülmecit ordered to built western style palace called Dolmabahce palace  and after that ,no more sultans  lived in Topkapi palace. Since 1924 Topkapı palace has been used as a museum of Turkish Repuclic.
Topkapi palace is similar like The White House in the fact that All  lands of Ottoman Imperial was ruled  by Topkapi palace.  And also Topkapi palace was unique palace which had university inside for educating their own secretaries and prime minister. Topkapi palace was supreme court for last decision of justice.

Today you can visit harem rooms, the biggest kitchen, univercity, an exhibition rooms for treasure (86 carats diomand), holy relics and Portrait of Sultan 
Topkapı palace 

Main Entrance fees : 40 Turkish liras
Extra Harem entrance fee : 25 Turkish liras
Credit card payment is available .
Closed on Tuesday

Topkapi palace located in Sultanahmet. You can use blue line Tram to reach to Sultanahmet Square . 


written by Rasim Terzi 

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