Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus is one of highlights in Istanbul . Every one who is in Istanbul must be between Two Continents.

One million years ago, Bosphorus was small river. after Ice age over, all Ice was melt. and the black sea  were overflowed. and created Bosphorus. Bosphorus name combine of two greek words. bos mean calf and phorus mean ford . so Bosphorus mean " Ford of Calf" in greek. According to mythology, Zeus converted his wife called Io into Calf in order to keep his wife from punishment of His another wife called "hera". but hera spotted Io and she send a lot of horse butflies to Io for beating. during running away from flies, Io crashed to european part of Bosphorus. So European side  was divided into Two different parts by horn of calf (Io). Therefore Golden Horn name was giwen to this place.   

Bosphorus Strait locates between European and Asia continents  and  also  between The Black sea and The Marmara Sea . Bosphorus is 18 sea miles between The Blacksea and The Marmara Sea.  Bosphorus has heavy Sea trafic . every year , appro. 50.000 Vessels passed to Georgia, Russia and Romania. Bosphorus has dangerous currents . therefore it is so dangerous to swim in Bosphorus. there are only two islands in bosphorus. one of them is Maiden Tower . other one is Galatasaray island. 

  Best way to discover Bosphorus , you should join Bosphorus boat tour which is departed from Golden horn or Kabataş. thanks to this tour, you can see beautifull palaces , Fortresses,  Suspension bridge, mosques, luxury hotels, private univercity and high school and the most expensive mansion. 

and also you can join Turkish night organizations which are done in bosphorus at night. bosphorus is also so beautifull  when light is turned on .

if you need more assistance about Bosphorus Boat tour , please click Bosphorus Guide Services.

written by Rasim Terzi



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